Insulation materials can effectively prevent fr4 heat exchange materials from becoming insulating materials. Different types of thermal insulation materials have different thermal conductivity. The material composition of thermal insulation materials is different, the physical thermal properties are different, and the thermal insulation mechanism of thermal insulation materials is different, and the thermal conductivity or thermal conductivity is also different. The thermal conductivity of industrial thermal insulation materials is often lower. The specific index requirements are closely related to the industry and specific application conditions. ZSWH Chemical’s thermal insulation coatings guide the trend of industrial thermal insulation materials.

Most of the insulation materials we often have are long-lasting insulation materials, which play a very good role in creating a comfortable life for human beings. It is one of the essential substances for human beings. However, with the continuous development of human life and industry, and the continuous advancement of technology and technology, the requirements for thermal insulation performance of thermal insulation materials have been continuously improved, and the properties of thermal insulation materials have been continuously improved. In particular, humans have higher performance requirements for thermal insulation materials in space environments. Such as the artificial earth satellite, it is moving in an environment with high temperature and low temperature alternating. It is necessary to use a multi-layer insulation material with high reflection performance, which is generally composed of dozens of films. The development of thermal insulation tiles successfully solved the problem of thermal insulation of the space shuttle, and also marked a higher level of development of thermal insulation materials.

Today, global insulation materials are developing in the direction of high efficiency insulation, energy saving thin layer and external protection. Technology advances, the development of thermal insulation technology, the technical content and added value of thermal insulation materials are greatly improved. With the rise of high-tech in the world, the comprehensive utilization rate of resources will increase, and the performance of thermal insulation materials will be better improved, and market value is even more significant.

Introduction to high temperature insulation board:

一. Thickness of insulation board:

Customized color (black, white), thickness (5mm-40mm) according to manufacturer’s requirements, Shape (square, round) vulcanizing machine, hot press, mold high film fiber insulation board, Telephone contact and drawings for production.

二. Thermal insulation board quality characteristics:

High temperature resistance, long service life, high pressure resistance, large temperature difference and energy saving.

三. Technical performance and price advantage:

1. High modulus, high strength and high flatness.

2. Energy saving, environmental protection, and good heat insulation.

3. Excellent machining performance, can be cut at will according to different requirements.