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3241 Semiconductor Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminate Sheet

Indicator Name Unit Indicator Value
Density g/ cm³ 1 . 8 – 2 . 0
Water absorption % < 0 . 5
Vertical layer bending strength MPa ≥ 340
Vertical layer compression strength MPa ≥ 330
Parallel layer impact strength (simple beam method, With gap) K J/ m² ≥ 30
Tensile Strength MPa ≥ 200
Insulation resistance 1 . 0 × 103 ~ 1 . 0 × 106
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Product Introduction

This laminated sheet is made of alkali-free glass fiber cloth for electricians impregnated with carbon black epoxy phenolic resin by hot pressing. As a material for non-metallic wear-resistant structural parts.

Product Photograph

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