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FR1  Epoxy Fiberglass Laminate Sheet

Specification Overview
Name FR1 Epoxy Fiberglass Laminate Sheet
Base Material Paper phenolic
Color Yellow
Thickness 0.4 – 3.0mm ( standard thickness are 0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.6mm.)
Dimensions 1020x1220mm,1030x1230mm,1020x1020mm.
Features Flame retardant, thermal reliability, low warpage
Applications Usually used in PCB of TV,LED light
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Product Introduction

FR1 Epoxy Fiberglass Laminate Sheet,commonly known as bakelite plate, phenolic laminated board, which is laminated by phenolic with good bleached wood paper and lint paper.it is made of high-quality bleached wooden building paper and cotton linter paper as reinforcement,high-purity, fully synthetic petrochemical, The phenolic resin which is produced by the reaction of raw materials is used as a resin adhesive to make wood sheets.

Due to the good performance on insulation, ESD free and heat resistance, the sheets can be used in switch, variable resistance(VR), moulding and gauging fields. Once heat formed, it can not make into other shapes.

Product Photograph

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Main Specifications

Indicator Name Unit Indicator Value
Applicable standards / GB1302-77
Density g/ cm³ 1 . 30 – 1.45
Thermal stability Board thickness 20mm and below 125
Board thickness above 20mm 100
Tensile Strength MPa 78.4
Bending Strength MPa 98
Impact Strength KJ/M2 12
Adhesive Strength N 3528
Parallel layer to insulation resistance Normality MPa 1 . 0 × 101 0
After Soaking MPa 1 . 0 × 108
Vertical layer direction withstand voltage (withstand voltage for 5 minutes in variable pressure gasoline at 20±5℃) Thickness 0.2-1 mm KV/ mm 25
Thickness 1.1-2 mm 22
Thickness 2.1-3 mm 19
Thickness above 3 mm 19
Temperature Index 120




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