Human development is always closely related to the environment. In the electronics industry, halogen-free laminates and lead-free processes are the two core concerns. The development of halogen-free laminates was in the mid-1980s, and the real industrialization was around 1997. The drafting of relevant standards was first issued and implemented by… Continue Reading Environmentally friendly halogen-free and lead-free FR4 insulation laminates and copper clad laminates

Both G10 and FR4 are composite materials which made of glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin. Due to different production processes, the corresponding uses are also different. Many people mix G10 insulation board and FR4 insulation board into one board, this is a wrong way, let me show you everyone… Continue Reading The difference between G10 insulation board and FR4 epoxy board

FR-4 epoxy sheet has excellent temperature resistance, and it is often used in various temperature-resistant occasions. Different environments require different grades of epoxy sheets. The main materials of FR-4 epoxy sheet are glass fiber cloth and resin (mostly epoxy resin). In order to pursue the best product cost performance, different… Continue Reading FR-4 epoxy sheet insulation temperature rating

Insulation sheet is a composite material produced by the combination of glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin. This material has very good insulation performance, ultra-high hardness, excellent corrosion resistance and ultra-high flame retardancy. It is widely used in many occasions. What fields will the insulation sheet be used in? The… Continue Reading Application of FR4 epoxy insulated glass fiber sheet

It is understood that Boeing recently is developing the 3D printing technology of continuous resin matrix composite, and manufacturing composite products through photo curing technology. Its basic principles include the movement of silk material through the conveyor mechanism to achieve a continuous 3D printing process, in which the silk material… Continue Reading How Boeing Co. manufactures composite products through photo curing technology?

1. Sound absorption. In the workshop, such as furniture factory, garment factory, and so on, which both require fire protection and sound absorption, the fiberglass board is the best choice. The surface of fiberglass board produced by epoxy plate manufacturers is a white layer of decorative layer. It looks simple… Continue Reading What are the characteristics of glass fiber board?

Bakelite plate is suitable for low frequency circuits. Glass fiber plate also known as epoxy plate, suitable for high-frequency circuits. PF bakelite plate is also known as phenolic laminate, which made by high quality bleaching white wood paper and cotton velvet paper that are used as reinforcing materials, and phenolic… Continue Reading What are the differences between bakelite plate and a fiberglass plate epoxy plate?

Glass fiberboard alias: Glass fiber insulation board, FR-4, fiberglass composite board. It is composited by fiberglass materials and high heat resistance materials, and it does not contain harmful asbestos components to the human body. It also has high mechanical property and dielectric property, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and… Continue Reading Derailed introduction about the characteristics of glass fiber board