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Anti-static Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminate Sheet

Category Model Level Typical thickness/mm Regular size/mm Color Tg/Value
ESD BF2 A0、A1、 0.1~200 1220*1020 N、Y、BK 110℃
A2、A3、 1220*2040
A4、A5 1220*2440
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Product Introduction

Product characteristics:
1.The double surface resistivity is 106~108, which has excellent anti-static performance.;
2.Excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Good machinability;
3.Good heat and moisture resistance, dry, wet electrical performance, low water absorption, not easy to deformation;
4.Comply with other requirements of GB / T1303.1-2009 / IEC 60893-1:2004 / NEMA.

Main Proformance

Item Unit Method Instruments Standard Typical
Bending strength MPa GB/T 9341-2008 Universal strength testing machine ≥320 500/td>
Surface resistivity Ω GB/T 10064-2006 High resistance meter or static index meter 106~109 107
Long-term heat resistance GB/T 10026.1-2003GB/T 9341-2008 Aging test machine ≥120 130
Combustibility level GB/T 5169.16-2008 Combustion testing machine HB HB
Water % GB/T 1034-2008 Humidity ≤0.36 0.1
absorption Chamber

Product Photograph

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Q1:  Samples
We can send you free sample,but you need to pay for the shipping charge.

Q2: How about the quality of mass production ?
Our warehouse staff will keep another sample the same as you received.the production process will be under your requirement.please rest assured about the quality.

Q3: Delivery time
It depends on order quantity.Generally speaking, the delivery time will be within 7 to 15 days.

Q4: Package
We will use professional craft paper to package on plywood pallet.if you have special package requirements, we will pack as your need.

Q5: Payment
We accept T/T,L/C,Western Union,Paypal , etc.


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