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Copper Clad Laminated Sheet

Copper clad laminated sheet uses glass fiber cloth as substrate material. After being immersed with epoxy resin and then baked into prepreg sheet, several prepreg sheets are then coated with copper foil on one side or both sides, and CCL is finally formed by hot pressing and curing.

FR-4 copper clad laminated sheet has excellent thermal stability and machinability, widely used in the manufacture of printed circuit board (PCB) for television sets, computers, communications equipment and other electronic products.

Item Name FR-4 Copper clad laminate Copper Thickness 18um,25um,35um,70um
Size 40*48inch,41*49inch,43*49inch Color yellow/white/green/grey
Thickness 0.4mm,0.8mm,1mm,1.2mm,
Glass Transition
135-155 °C
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Product Introduction

CNC fiberglass sheet is a kind of laminated sheet formed through heat pressing after the electric industry fiberglass cloth dips into epoxy resin.Suitable as the mechanical, electric and electronic insulation structural components which are used under homoeothermy and middle temperatures with a certain mechanical performance and electric performance.
The surface of laminated board should be flat and smooth, no bubble, no wrinkle, no delamination or crackle, and properly free from other defects such as scrape, impress, dirty spot and uneven color, but a little color patches is allowed.

Chemical machinery parts, general machinery parts
Gears, generators, pads, bases, baffles, generator, transformer, fixture inverter, motor and electric insulation component.
Distribution box, fixture board, the mould plate, high and low voltage distribution box, packing machine insulation parts.
Mold making, PCB,ICT fixture, molding machine, drilling machine, mesa grinding pads etc.

Main Specification

Test Item Test Condition Unit SPEC Typical Value
Tg DSC °C ≥125 135
Thermal Stress 288°C,10S/solder dip >10 60S/ No delamination
No Delamination
Flexural Strength N/mm2 LW ≥415 500
CW ≥345 450
Flammability E24/125 UL94 V-0 V-0
Surface Resistivity After moisture ≥1. 0×104 2.0×106
Volume Resistivity After moisture MΩ.cm ≥1.0×106 2.0×108
Dielectric 1MHz ≤5.4 4.7
Constant(1MHZ) C-24/23/50
Dissipation Factor(1MHZ) 1MHz C-24/23/50 ≤0.035 0.017
Loss Tangent 1MHz C-24/23/50 ≤0.035 0.016
Arc Resistivity D-48/50+D-0.5/23 s ≥60 135
Dielectric Breakdown D-48/50+D-0.5/23 KV ≥40 60
Moisture Absorption D-24/23 % ≤0.8 0.15
CTI IEC60112 Method V 175~250 210

Application Cases

cnc (14)
cnc (17)
cnc (25)
cnc (22)
cnc (20)
cnc (21)


Q1: Sample?
Small size of sample are free, you only need pay for the shipping cost, or you can provide your UPS, DHL, Fedex, TNT courier to us. Customized size of sample should be charged.

Q2: Payment term?
Small order ,we accept by T/T,western union, Paypal, .Bulk quantity order ,70% T/T in advance, 30% balance before shipment. Other terms negotiable.

Q3: Confidentiality of drawings
Yes, we can sign the NDA before you send the drawing.

Q4 :Available for customized design drawings?
Yes, CAD, STEP, IGS, PDF, Solidwork, etc. All is ok.

Q5: Delivery time
It depends on order quantity.Generally speaking, the delivery time will be within 7 to 15 days.

Q6: Package
We will use professional craft paper to package on plywood pallet.if you have special package requirements, we will pack as your need.


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