Mold insulation board cold stamping board material advantages. The material of the mold insulation board is made of glass fiber material and high heat resistance composite material, and does not contain harmful asbestos components. It has high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and good processability. Low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance up to 250 degrees (220 degrees, 300 degrees), high flatness, excellent bending strength at high temperatures.

Mold insulation board advantages:

Does not contain asbestos, no harm to the environment.

Low thermal conductivity.

Strong pressure resistance.

Very good mechanical and dimensional stability.

Low water absorption, good chemical stability and long service life.

Machinable, customized and efficient production.

Insulation materials: Insulation materials are classified into porous materials, heat reflective materials and vacuum materials.

The former uses the pore insulation contained in the material itself, because the thermal conductivity of air or inert gas in the gap is very low, such as foam materials, fiber materials, etc.;

The heat reflective material has a high reflection coefficient and can reflect heat, such as gold, silver, nickel, aluminum foil or metallized polyester, polyimide film and so on.

Vacuum insulation is insulated by the internal vacuum of the material to achieve convection. The aerospace industry has strict requirements on the weight and volume of the insulating materials used, and it is often required to have both sound insulation, vibration damping and corrosion resistance.

The needs of various aircraft for insulation materials are different.

In the aircraft cockpit and cockpit, foam, ultra-fine glass wool, high silica cotton, vacuum insulation panels are commonly used to insulate.

The insulation material used for the missile head was phenolic foam in the early stage. With the application of polyurethane foam with good temperature resistance, a single insulation material was developed into a sandwich structure. The missile instrument cabin is insulated by applying a layer of thick foam coating on the outer skin of the cabin, as an anti-corrosion coating at normal temperature, when the aerodynamic heating reaches 200 ° C or more, it is uniformly foamed to provide heat insulation.

Artificial earth satellites move in an environment of alternating high temperature and low temperature. It must use a multi-reflection material with high reflection performance, generally composed of dozens of layers of aluminized film, aluminized polyester film, and aluminized polyimide film.

In addition, the development of surface thermal insulation tiles successfully solved the problem of thermal insulation of the space shuttle, and also marked a higher level of development of thermal insulation materials.

Aerogel blanket is a new type of thermal insulation material. It is a nano-porous porous material, which is mostly used for pipe insulation, equipment insulation, etc. The thermal conductivity of the material is 0.018 W/(K?m) at normal temperature and 0.009 W/(K?m) at low temperature.

Vacuum insulation board is the latest insulation material, which has been widely promoted abroad, and is mostly used in the home appliance industry, the thermal conductivity of this material is extremely low at only 0.004, so it is outstanding in terms of heat preservation and energy saving. At present, domestic refrigerator containers have completely used this material. Naki insulation soft felt is a soft industrial insulation material with strong thermal insulation properties.