The latest test report of fiberglass board has come out. The test is mainly about sound-absorbing and fire-retardant projects this year. The continuous burning time of the glass fiber board is TF.S 0 hours, the mass loss rate is 13.9 that is three times lower than the national standard (≤50), the sound absorption rate is 1.05 in the test reports.

Fiberglass board use glass wool as substrate and compressed into a high-density glass wool board through high pressure and high temperature. If we need fiberglass board ceiling, there are a number of processes. The glass Wool board should be cut into pre-determined size, such as 600*600mm, 600mm*1200mm or 600mm*1800mm, and then do fixed-line processing on the four sides of the board. Non-woven fabric needs to be on the back and decorative cloth should be affixed to the front after the cotton plate molding. Decorative cloth color has white, black, and it can be made in all the color as long as the coating is in the market. So that glass fiber board can be used in different occasions, such as white board in Office, Conference room and shopping mall, black board in video room, studio and cinema, orange or yellow board in kindergarten and other places.

Glass fiber Board as a new type of ceiling material is loved by many designers. Because of glass fiber board has advantages of flame retardant, sound absorption, moisture and so on, it can be used in the places that have high requirements for fire resistance and sound-absorbing, like smoke factory, furniture factory, kindergarten, television station.

Construction technology of glass Fiber Board is same as the mineral wool board. But the characteristics of glass fiber board is not available for mineral wool board. Its flame retardant can reach the Chinese standard Class A, and NRC=0.95-1.0.