The FR-4 epoxy board usually is yellow phenolic epoxy on the market, and it is generally for an electrical insulation use, not used as a substrate of hard circuit board.

FR-4 Epoxy board is pure epoxy board with NEMA standard. The normal color should be dark green, which is the color of epoxy. There is also in yellow, which is generally called yellow material. And white (green) FR-4 epoxy board called white (green) material.

Fiberglass board generally used for soft package base, and wraps it with cloth, leather, etc. outside. Then it is made of beautiful wall, ceiling decoration. The board is widely used, which has the characteristics of sound absorption, sound insulation, heat insulating, and environmental protection, flame retardant and so on.

FR-4 Epoxy board also known as glass fiberboard, FR-4 reinforcement board, FR-4 epoxy resin board, flame retardant insulating board, epoxy board, FR4 light board, epoxy glass cloth board, circuit board drilling pad.

Glass fiberboard alias: Glass fiber insulation board, FR-4, fiberglass composite board. It is composited by fiberglass materials and high heat resistance materials, and it does not contain harmful asbestos components to the human body. It also has high mechanical property and dielectric property, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and processability, can be used in plastic molds, injection molds, machinery manufacturing, molding machines, drilling machines, injection molding machines, motors, PCBs. ICT fixtures, countertop grinding pads.