The density of FR-4 epoxy board is about 1.95. Different board is a bit different because of its material, but the fluctuation is small.

Epoxy insulating board is widely used in today’s housing decoration, such as: Epoxy rod, epoxy board, 3240 epoxy board, insulating board and so on.

Product Description: it is bonded with glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin by high temperature and high pressure. And it is model 3240 that has high mechanical performance at medium temperature, and stable electrical performance at high temperature.

It is suitable for mechanical, electrical and electronic high-insulation structural components, and has high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance. Heat resistant Class reaches F (155 degrees).

Thickness: 0.5~100mm General Specification: 1000mm*2000mm

Locality: China
It will deformed in the case of high temperature 180 ℃. It’s generally not heated with other metals, because it may cause metal board deformation.