FR4 epoxy board processing method

The cold-pressed sheet is made of tung oil modified phenolic resin impregnated with bleached wood pulp paper by hot pressing. It has good punching and electrical properties, and it is mainly used for carbon film potentiometers, resistor parts and small electrical insulation parts. .

Features: high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and good mechanical processing, it can be punched and cut at low temperature, good toughness, not brittle, not easy to stratify, it is not easy to bubble when used under High voltage.

There are three kinds of cold stamping sheets according to the specifications: cold stamping sheets with medium stamping materials, ST14, DC04, SPCE, BLD, cold stamping sheets with deep stamping materials, ST16, DC06, SPCEN, cold punching for shallow stamping. The board has SPCC, ST12, DC01.

Uses: FPC reinforcement, motor, electrical equipment for insulation structural components, including various types of switches, electrical insulation, carbon film printed circuit boards, computer drilling pads, mold fixtures, etc. (PCB test stand). It can be used in humid environment and transformer oil. its application is very extensive.