The processing methods of FR4 fiberglass board generally include engraving, punching, milling, cutting, and the size of FR4 epoxy board.

The conventional size of FR4 is 1020mm*1220mm, the size of the large board is 1030mm*1230mm, and the large board is generally customized. The thickness can be made from 1mm-50mm. The FR4 epoxy board is made of glass fiber impregnated with epoxy resin. It has strong insulation and is widely used in the electrical and electronic industry, especially in the charging cabinet circuit breaker as the partition on both sides. It acts as an insulating support.

FR4 insulation board generally appears in water green, the thickness is generally white, the whole glass fiber board is transparent green, no bubbles, no layering, processing machinery performance is also good,

In recent years, because of its beauty, it has also been used in decoration materials.