FR4 epoxy board processing method

Bakelite plate is suitable for low frequency circuits. Glass fiber plate also known as epoxy plate, suitable for high-frequency circuits.

PF bakelite plate is also known as phenolic laminate, which made by high quality bleaching white wood paper and cotton velvet paper that are used as reinforcing materials, and phenolic resin that made by the highly pure, fully synthetic petrochemical materials.

It has the mechanical performance requirements of the motor, electrical equipment and insulation structural parts, can be used in PCB drilling, silicone rubber mold, fixture, distribution plate, electrical machinery parts. It also has Good mechanical strength, mainly used in the processing of insulation parts in ICT, ITE, testing fixtures, silicone rubber key mold, fixture plate, mold splint, table grinding pad, packaging machine, tea tray comb and so on. The main composition of the plate is phenolic resin, and the heat resistance grade of general phenolic laminate is E (the maximum temperature is 120 ℃). So, the bakelite plate is completely able to work below 120 ℃. It can also work in a short period of more than 120 ℃, However, after a long period of more than 120 ℃, its insulation performance will be reduced until the insulation material aging and breakdown voltage dropping.

Temperature Rating of Insulation: A E B F H

Maximum Temperature (℃): 105 120 130 155 180

Winding Temperature Lifting Limit (K): 60 75 80 100 125

Performance Reference Temperature (℃) : 80 95 100 120 145

Specification: Plate: Thickness × Width × Length=3-20*1220*2440(1020*1200)

Origin: Germany DuPont Corp., Gaelic Corp.; Taiwan Xin Dai Corp., Beijing Furunda Corp.; Shenzhen Core-Tex Corp.

Color: orange, orange, black, coffee

Epoxy resin, FR-4, and epoxy phenolic resin laminate is a generic organic polymer compounds that molecule contains two or more than two epoxy group. Their relative molecular mass is generally not high. The molecular structure of epoxy resin is characterized by the active epoxy group in the molecular chain, and the epoxy group can be located at the end, middle of the molecular chain or show annular structure. Because of the active epoxy groups, they can cross-link with many types of curing agents to form insoluble, non-melted polymers with three-turn mesh structures.

This epoxy plate: it is bonded with glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin by high temperature and high pressure. And it is model 3240 that has high mechanical performance at medium temperature, and stable electrical performance at high temperature. It is suitable for mechanical, electrical and electronic high-insulation structural components, and has high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance. Heat resistant Class reaches F (155 degrees)

Density: 1.9

Specification: PLATE: Thickness * Width * length=0.1-100*1000*2000(1020*1220)

Bar: Diameter * Length=6-200

Color: green, white, yellow