1. Sound absorption. In the workshop, such as furniture factory, garment factory, and so on, which both require fire protection and sound absorption, the fiberglass board is the best choice. The surface of fiberglass board produced by epoxy plate manufacturers is a white layer of decorative layer. It looks simple and refreshing when used in the ceiling when.

2. Flame retardant. The middle substrate of fiberglass board is glass fiber meets the national A-class non-flammable standard, used in fire prevention occasions without worries.

3. Insulation. Most furniture factory and other occasions need constant temperature, so glass fiber board becomes the best choice again. Its main substrate glass fiber is compressed high-density fiber that has excellent thermal insulation effect.

4. Fiberglass boards have many colors. If used in the studio, television stations and so on, it should be black to avoid the lights reflection. If used in factories, offices and so on, it should be used in white.If used in other occasions such as kindergarten, we can choose yellow, blue and so on, and these colors will be customized.

5. Specifications of glass fiber board. Fiberglass boards are 600*600mm, 600*1200mm, 1200*1200mm, its thicknesses are 15mm, 20mm, 25mm. And plate side forms have plane, drop grade, dark Plug and so on, which is similar to mineral wool board. But its properties of fire resistance and sound absorption are much better than mineral wool board. The fiberglass board is composited by glass wool and fiberglass decorative felt, which is the international mainstream product. Compared with the other ordinary similar products, glass fiber board have many feathers, like good sound absorption effect, insulation, high flame retardant performance, strength, smoothness, beautiful finishes and so on.