Both G10 and FR4 are composite materials which made of glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin. Due to different production processes, the corresponding uses are also different. Many people mix G10 insulation board and FR4 insulation board into one board, this is a wrong way, let me show you everyone to understand the difference between epoxy insulation board G10 and FR4 below.

G10 insulation board

G10 insulation board, where G stands for Glass Fiber. 10 usually refers to the percentage of glass fiber in the G10 sheet, which was initially 10%.

As a new type of composite material, G10 insulation board has a wide range of uses. The tool components processed by G10 insulation board have the characteristics of insulation, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. The processed products will not be affected by moisture. The penetration of oil and other liquids. The density of G10 insulation board is low, and the processed product is light and handy. At the same time, the hardness of G10 insulation board is very high. Many times G10 materials are used in aviation. In addition, in life, we are likely to be exposed to G10 materials at any time, For example, more and more tool holders are made of G10 material.

Tool holder processed from G10 insulation board

The colors of G10 insulation board are green, black, yellow, and there are special customized colors such as red and blue.

FR4 epoxy board

FR4 is the general term for this type of sheet, and different places are called different ways. Some are called FR4 epoxy board, some are called FR4 insulating board, and in some places, FR4 represents glass fiber cloth reinforcement board. No matter what it is called, FR4 represents a new type of composite material made of glass fiber cloth and resin.

FR4 insulation board has stable electrical insulation performance, flat and smooth board surface, uniform board size, standard industry specification parameters, uniform thickness tolerance standards, suitable for products required by modern high-performance electronic insulation industry, and also suitable for mass production Production, FR4 insulation board has high mechanical properties and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and good machinability. The uniform size parameters make it widely used. Whether it is high-speed rail motor insulation parts, or precision electronics industry star wheel, FR4 insulation board can be competent. .

The colors of FR4 epoxy board are green, yellow, black, white, and some special customized colors, such as red, blue and pink.

In recent years, the application market of FR4 epoxy board has become larger and larger. Many manufacturers are developing new FR4 insulation boards. Improvements in the production process can make FR4 insulation boards single-sided or double-sided anti-static. , Which makes the application market of FR4 epoxy board wider

Whether it is G10 insulation board or FR4 insulation board, they are a member of the new composite materials. They have natural advantages over traditional materials in terms of environmental protection and economic cost. They have replaced traditional materials in more and more fields. The increasingly technological future of the world plays an important role.

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