The FR4 epoxy sheet produced by the combination of glass fiber cloth and resin is in the shape of a flat plate. If you want to make various shapes, you need to process the FR4 board. There are four common processing methods for FR 4 epoxy sheet.

  • Lathe and milling machine processing

Using a lathe and milling machine to process FR 4 epoxy sheet is generally used to process planes and grooves, but also can process various curved surfaces and gears. For very thick FR4 boards, the industry chooses lathes and milling machines for processing. However, since the lathe and milling machine is mainly used to process metal parts, the processing speed of the mechanical equipment is relatively slow. It is not cost-effective to use the lathe and milling machine to process FR 4 epoxy sheet.

FR4 epoxy sheet processing

  • CNC machining

CNC processing is the processing of FR 4 epoxy sheet through a computer numerically controlled machine tool. Common star wheels, insulating rods, insulating pads, and various gears are all processed by CNC. CNC processing is very flexible. It only needs to be controlled by a computer to quickly process FR 4 epoxy sheet into what we want. This is also the most used FR4 board processing method. Generally speaking, the processing center refers to CNC machining.

  • Drilling

Drilling processing is to punch FR 4 epoxy sheet. This processing method is mainly used in the PCB factory. The FR 4 epoxy sheet factory uses drilling processing generally to cooperate with other processing methods. The processing process is completed by drilling. A certain link.

  • Slitting processing

The slitting process is to cut and divide the FR 4 epoxy sheet by a cutting machine. For example, we saw that FR 4 epoxy sheets with various long shapes are all processed by slitting. The slitting processing speed is fast and the processing is convenient, but the accuracy of the slitting processing is relatively low. If you need more precise processing, you need to choose CNC processing.

Sometimes the FR4 epoxy sheet processing parts we see may be produced by combining the above four processing methods.

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