FR4 composite fiberglass sheet is a type of composite material made of high temperature nano fiber mat and high performance epoxy resin. It has the characteristics of low heat conduction, resistance, high temperature resistance, antistatic, light weight and chemical corrosion resistance.

Composite fiberglass sheets are widely used in electronics, aviation, ships and other fields. For the welding protective materials of electronic manufacturing, composite fiberglass sheet is the best choice for processing, high strength requirements, and maintain the maximum bending strength of the sheet. Composite fiberglass sheet provides a durable, high temperature resistant, antistatic PCB board carrier for wave soldering and reflow soldering. It can maintain good mechanical strength during continuous use at 380℃.

Composite fiberglass sheets are fully compatible with wave soldering of 360℃, reflow soldering processes and production needs. The service life can reach more than 20,000 times in the continuous use of high temperature production line.


1. The normal working temperature is 280℃, and the operating temperature can reach 380℃.
2. Little deformation.
3. Good dimensional stability.
4. Certified antistatic material with antistatic index of 105.
5. Long service life.

The features: The ability to maintain its physical properties in a temperature-increasing environment to achieve high standards in wave-type soldering without distortion. The separation of the substrate will not be caused at 380℃ (for a short period of time) and continues at 280℃.

The specification of composite fiberglass sheet: 1150*1250mm, thickness 2-50mm.