1.0 Scope To determine if the plated through-holes are sufficiently plated to withstand a relatively high current potential.

2.0 Applicable Documents None

3.0 Test Specimen Any plated through-holes on a test coupon or finished printed wiring boards.

4.0 Apparatus Power supply capable of generating 10 amps and having a suitable load resistor.

5.0 Procedure

5.1 Test Select a load resistor, such that when the resistor shunts the positive and ground terminals at a regulated amperes power supply, a current of 10 amps will flow through each plated through-hole in the circuit in series with the resistor, for 30 seconds.

5.2 Evaluation Examine for breakdown (opens) when the current is applied to each plated through-hole.

6.0 Notes The power supply unit should have a safety interlock mechanism because of the relatively high current required for this test.