Teflon high temperature cloth belt, Teflon high temperature mesh belt and Teflon tape are three extremely familiar words. In this bleak August, every order is really difficult. I always hold an inner gratitude for the customers who believe in me. At the same time, I am introspecting. I really do not know very well about the products I sell. I don’t know all of their uses yet. The longer it takes, the more I feel like a layman!

Was it ever all in vain? Is it just futile to post so much information and make so many calls? Or is it just a way of wrong? The past August makes me nervous. Golden nine silvers ten is a popular phrase. Will it really be great in September? Maybe it is a little self-deception! Time wasted, and I’ve always been the only one who let myself down. Performance has not risen, not because there is no business, but I give up the search!

Come on! September! There are only four months to go in 2018, and I need do something to make a different!