Epoxy board manufacturers talk about the changes in epoxy boards in high temperature environments

Epoxy boards have high temperature resistance, but everything has certain limitations. What happens to the epoxy board when it exceeds this temperature or if it is exposed to high temperatures for a long time?

Epoxy board manufacturers summarized the following points.

What happens to the epoxy board in a high temperature environment?

(1) Deformation. There is often a phenomenon of bending, shrinking and reduced toughness, which makes people’s reputation for the performance of epoxy boards greatly reduced, which in turn affects the reputation of the board.

(2) Delamination. The delamination of the sheet will be a great damage to the appearance of the sheet.

(3) Whitening. Color is the most intuitive manifestation of damage to the board. The color fades and there are many spots.

(4) Cracked. There will be small cracks at the beginning, and the insulation and high temperature resistance of the board will be greatly reduced.