Both G10 and FR4 are composite materials which made of glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin. Due to different production processes, the corresponding uses are also different. Many people mix G10 insulation board and FR4 insulation board into one board, this is a wrong way, let me show you everyone… Continue Reading The difference between G10 insulation board and FR4 epoxy board

FR-4 practical significance FR-4 is a code for the class of flame resistant materials, which means that the resin material through the combustion state must be able to self-extinguish a material specifications, it is not a material name, but a material grade. Therefore,the current general circuit board used FR-4 grade… Continue Reading Analysis on commonly used PCB substrate performance – FR4

FR4’s formal writing model is FR-4. FR-4 Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminated Sheet, according to the different application, the industry generally known as FR-4 Epoxy Glass Cloth、Insulation Board、Epoxy Board、Epoxy Resin board、Brominated epoxy resin board、FR-4、Fiberglass board、Glass fiber board、FR-4 reinforced board、FPC reinforced board、Flexible board reinforced board、FR-4 epoxy resin board、Flame – retardant insulation board、FR-4… Continue Reading Product Introduction Of FR-4