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Our G10 Sheet Can Be Supplied to Canadian Market

As a G10 Sheet manufacturer supplying the global market, Canada has always been our focus market.

With the novel corona virus under control, we are already a G10 Sheet supplier in Canada, our products can be shipped directly to Canada, and we are also looking for Canadian G10 sheet agents.

G10 epoxy board is a plate-like laminate made of special electronic glass fiber cloth impregnated with epoxy phenolic resin and other materials and hot-pressed at high temperature and high pressure. It has high mechanical properties and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance and good machinability. It is often used as insulating structural parts in motors and electrical equipment, including various types of switch FPC reinforcement, electrical insulation, carbon film printed circuit boards, computer drilling pads, mold fixtures, etc. (PCB test stand) and can be used in Use in wet ambient conditions and transformer oil.

We are a company specializing in the R&D and production of insulating sheets. If you need to buy G10 Sheet, please contact us. Our products can be shipped directly from mainland China to Canada.

We can provide you A4 size G10 Sheet samples for free.

Contact us to get all the information about G10 Sheet, and you can also click the link below to learn more about Insulation Sheet products.

g10 sheet canada
g10 canada
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