When factories produce insulating boards and copper clad laminates, various production abnormalities are often found. These conditions will affect the progress of production and the yield of products. The most common problem is the warping of FR4 sheet and copper clad laminates produced. Sheet warping is the most common production… Continue Reading How to solve the problem of warping in FR4 sheet and copper clad laminate production

It is understood that Boeing recently is developing the 3D printing technology of continuous resin matrix composite, and manufacturing composite products through photo curing technology. Its basic principles include the movement of silk material through the conveyor mechanism to achieve a continuous 3D printing process, in which the silk material… Continue Reading How Boeing Co. manufactures composite products through photo curing technology?

The mounting form of the electronic components on the PCB has been developed from pin insertion using through-holes to high-density surface mount technology, and bare chip mounting is evolving from wire-to-die mounting. As from the QFP to BGA, CSP as the representative of the plastic package, PCB also requires more… Continue Reading Laminated sheet processing technology with glass cloth prepreg