The Technology FR-4 Sheet

2021-03-19T03:02:40+00:00March 19, 2021|

Affected by the Covid-19 in the past year, many companies have stopped work and production, the market growth of the electronics industry and the composite material industry has declined. However, the global market demand for FR4 epoxy insulating sheet and [...]

Various Exceptions And Solutions Of FR4

2020-09-03T03:07:41+00:00September 3, 2020|

FR4 epoxy insulating board is a new type of review material made of glass fiber cloth and resin. The fusion of the two materials during the processing and production process will cause some abnormalities. The production department must deal with [...]

Four common FR4 epoxy sheet processing methods

2020-07-20T04:01:17+00:00July 20, 2020|

The FR4 epoxy sheet produced by the combination of glass fiber cloth and resin is in the shape of a flat plate. If you want to make various shapes, you need to process the FR4 board. There are four common [...]

Common defects and solutions of FR-4 ( CCL )

2018-01-02T10:52:11+00:00March 16, 2017|

FR-4 is the largest amount of CCL, The most widely used product,Its quality not only affects the CCL plant itself, but also seriously affect the processing rate of PCB processing and assembly of electronic products after the pass rate.Therefore, to [...]

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