Human development is always closely related to the environment. In the electronics industry, halogen-free laminates and lead-free processes are the two core concerns. The development of halogen-free laminates was in the mid-1980s, and the real industrialization was around 1997. The drafting of relevant standards was first issued and implemented by… Continue Reading Environmentally friendly halogen-free and lead-free FR4 insulation laminates and copper clad laminates

Vertical layer orientation Bending strength A: Normal state: E-1/150,150±5℃≥340Mpa Parallel layer orientation the impact strength (simple beam method): ≥230KJ/m Insulation resistance after immersion(D-24/23): ≥5.0×108Ω Vertical layer orientation Electrical strength( In 90±2℃ transformer oil, board thickness:1mm ): ≥14.2MV/m Parallel layer orientation Breakdown voltage: ≥40KV Relative permittivity (50Hz):≤5.5 Relative permittivity (1MHz):≤5.5 Dielectric… Continue Reading FR-4 Performance characteristics