FR4 epoxy board processing method

2018-09-28T01:32:14+00:00September 20, 2018|

There are many other names, including FR-4 light sheet, FR-4 fiber sheet, FR-4 epoxy sheet, FR-4 flame retardant sheet, so many names also reflect the wide application of FR-4 fiberglass sheet from other side. . FR-4 fiberglass sheet is generally used for [...]

Knowledge about the Halogen-free Materials of Epoxy CCL

2018-09-30T03:35:20+00:00September 19, 2018|

The flame retardant of the early halogen-free CCL is mainly achieved by the addition of flame-retardants. Common flame-retardants are phosphorus and nitrogen-containing additive flame-retardants such as phosphate ester, poly-phosphoric acid, melamine, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, and so on. Due to [...]

Basic knowledge of CCL

2018-09-17T01:41:12+00:00September 12, 2018|

CCL-----Also known as the base material. CCL (Copper Clad Laminate) consists of wood pulp paper or glass fiber cloth as reinforcing materials with resin, and single or double-sided coated with copper foil, and laminated under high temperature and high pressure. [...]

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