When Non-flow prepreg is applied to the rigid-flex joint plate and the cold plate, neither the cold plate window region nor the junction of the rigid-flex joint plate is intended to flow excessively. But it is necessary for the basic flow-fill line when pressing. From the rheological point of view,… Continue Reading Non-Flow prepreg’s flowing glue when pressing

“No-flow” is the largest characteristic of the Non-Flow prepreg. This kind of plate has strict requirements to the flow ability of Non-Flow prepreg, to prevent flowing glue in the rigid-flex joint, the step slot, etc..From the melt viscosity curve of view of Non-Flow prepreg and conventional ordinary FR4 prepreg, the… Continue Reading Features Brief of Non-Flow Prepreg

In recent years, with the electronic products’fast developments to small, high-performance and multi-functionalization, multi-layer rigid-flex board, step board, cooling plate’s processing technology is rising. In order to prevent flowing glue in the rigid-flex joint、the step slot,etc., pure prepreg often be as a connecting materials,it is difficult to meet the requirement… Continue Reading Discussion on the features of No-Flow prepreg

Paper Phenolic Resin Single,Double-sided board(FR1 & FR2) TV, monitor, power supply, stereo, copier, VCR, calculator, telephone, game devices, keyboard, epoxy composite substrate single & double board. CEM1 & CEM3 TV,monitor,power supply,advanced audio,telephone,game devices,automotive electronic products,mouse, electronic notepad. Fiberglass Cloth Epoxy resin Single,Double-sided Board(FR4) Adapter cards, computer peripheral equipment, communications equipment,… Continue Reading Kinds layers and application areas for PC board