First, fiberglass cold stamping sheet (FR4, single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer PCB circuit board, impedance board, blind buried hole board), it is suitable for electronic digital products such as computers and mobile phones. There are many kinds of glass fiber sheet, we will first look together; FR-4 is also known as fiberglass… Continue Reading In-depth understanding of the characteristics of cold stamping sheet and fiberglass panels

Fiberglass board FR-4 is a code name for the grade of fire resistant epoxy board. It means a material specification that the resin material must be self-extinguishing after being burned. It is not a material name but a material grade, Therefore, there are many types of FR-4 grade materials used… Continue Reading Fiberglass board, Epoxy board and FR-4 epoxy board manufacturer

Although I have talked a lot about the performance characteristics and uses of FR4 epoxy board, it is not very comprehensive. Today we mainly give a detailed explanation of the characteristics of the FR4 epoxy board. Insulation: Its vertical layer electrical strength (in transformer oil of 90±2 °C, thickness 1mm):… Continue Reading What are the characteristics of FR4 epoxy board?

The processing methods of FR4 fiberglass board generally include engraving, punching, milling, cutting, and the size of FR4 epoxy board. The conventional size of FR4 is 1020mm*1220mm, the size of the large board is 1030mm*1230mm, and the large board is generally customized. The thickness can be made from 1mm-50mm. The… Continue Reading What are the processing methods of FR4 fiberglass board?

Epoxy board is a frequently mentioned term in insulating materials. Epoxy board is synthesized from glass fiber material and high heat resistance composite material. FR4 is a code name for flame resistant materials and best performance in epoxy boards. Epoxy board can withstand high temperature up to 180 ° C,… Continue Reading Core-Tex FR4 epoxy board processing technology

The epoxy board is a laminate which is mainly made of epoxy resin adhesive, paper, cotton and other substrates. There are many types of epoxy boards, including 3240 epoxy board, G11 epoxy board, G10 epoxy board, FR-4 epoxy board, etc. Their performance is similar and there are differences in details.… Continue Reading How do epoxy board manufacturers look at the quality of epoxy boards?

There are many other names, including FR-4 light sheet, FR-4 fiber sheet, FR-4 epoxy sheet, FR-4 flame retardant sheet, so many names also reflect the wide application of FR-4 fiberglass sheet from other side. . FR-4 fiberglass sheet is generally used for soft-packing base layer, and then wrapped with fabric, leather, etc.,… Continue Reading FR4 epoxy board processing method

The flame retardant of the early halogen-free CCL is mainly achieved by the addition of flame-retardants. Common flame-retardants are phosphorus and nitrogen-containing additive flame-retardants such as phosphate ester, poly-phosphoric acid, melamine, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, and so on. Due to the large amount, glass transition temperature (Tg), heat resistance, processability… Continue Reading Knowledge about the Halogen-free Materials of Epoxy CCL

Electronic yarn is a kind of spun yarn. Its diameter is about 4-9μm. Electronic yarn has finer diameter and better performance, so that it can be used in the electronics and other high-end areas. while it have higher requirements for the technology and funds, the price is also higher. “Electronic… Continue Reading The Supply Chain Status of one Important Raw Materials in Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) —-Electronic Fiberglass Yarn and Cloth